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302 Hospital of the PLA

Published:2022-11-11    Views:1003

Formerly known as Yan 'an Central Hospital during the Anti-Japanese War, the 302nd Hospital of the PLA was formally established in July 1954. At present, it is the largest and only third-class A infectious disease hospital in China, a specialized infectious disease hospital for the central health care mission, a national and military clinical pharmacist training demonstration base, and an infectious disease treatment, teaching, scientific research, health care and information research center for the whole army. The hospital is the only strategic mobile medical service force for infectious diseases in the PLA. It undertakes mobile medical service support in wartime, health prevention and anti-terrorism in peacetime, and public health emergency response. The hospital covers an area of 117,000 square meters, with 34 departments, 1266 beds, 740,000 outpatient visits and 47,000 patients annually. Adhering to the discipline development strategy of "strong specialty and comprehensive", the hospital has formed a discipline chain of full disease spectrum that meets the needs of infectious disease diagnosis and treatment. It has built a discipline group led by military medicine, featured by liver disease, tumor and traditional Chinese medicine, and supported by medical technology and comprehensive disciplines. It has 5 national clinical key specialty military construction projects and 4 national and military clinical demonstration bases. 2 military research institutes. It has a large number of outstanding talents, such as Wang Fusheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiao Xiaohe, chief scientist of the National 973 Program, Zhao Jingmin, expert of the National Tens of Millions of Talents Project, and Wang Xinhua, winner of the Nightingale Medal. In the past five years, it has undertaken 268 research projects at or above the provincial or ministerial level, produced 41 scientific and technological achievements above the provincial or ministerial level, including 3 second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress awards, published 333 SCI papers, obtained 79 patents, published 65 monographs, and developed 16 kinds of drugs and preparations.


JM's centrifuge concentrator, the CV200, entered service at the 302nd Hospital of the People's Liberation Army in 2020.



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