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JM|Chengdu West Innovation Forum

Published:2022-11-11    Views:842

As this hot summer comes to an end, we have ushered in the second half of the exhibition -- Western Innovation Forum, which will be in full swing on August 18-19, 2022 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Focus on western medicine innovation, focus on new drugs and new targets, further accelerate innovation. BIONNOVA's mission is to connect biomedical decision makers, lead exchanges and collaboration, and inject new vitality and potential into the innovation and coordination of the pharmaceutical ecosystem.



The forum is divided into two parts: Chemical medicine innovation Forum/biological medicine innovation forum. In terms of small molecule innovative drug development, biological drug research and development and innovation, improved new drug development, CMC analysis and quality control, and timely production process development, the experts have made different analysis and summary.

As a biological instrument manufacturer, Giam Company presented at the Western Innovation Forum with a new model of integrated vacuum centrifugal concentrator Auto R3.

Although the integrated vacuum centrifugal concentrator Auto R3 is small and exquisite, it has powerful functions. Built-in large pumping speed anticorrosive diaphragm pump, integrated design, save space; Its centrifugal chamber Teflon layer processing, more corrosion resistance; One-key start-stop function to avoid misoperation; Temperature control technology, meet the respective room temperature experimental environment; It is not only small in size, but also light in weight.

People from all walks of life have a strong interest in our new all-in-one machine, have stopped to ask and contact the use and effect of the relevant models.


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